How to Wear Dark Lipstick to a Wedding

My client chose a beautiful dark lipstick to wear to a wedding the other day. Although traditionally pinks and nudes are often associated with wedding makeup, bold, bright or dark lipstick can look equally as amazing.  

Whilst dark lipstick can be hard to wear if you choose the wrong shade to compliment your skin tone, it can look extremely sophisticated if you choose the correct one! Sometimes finding the correct shade can seem over whelming, but I always say keep it simple - an incorrect shade or tone will make you look washed out, whilst the correct one will make your skin tone appear radiant, glowing and beautiful. 

If you go with a dark, opaque lipstick - keep eyes as nude as possible so that the overall look remains elegant. Alternatively you can opt to wear your dark lipstick like a stain, so that the colour has a berry or wine finish to it.

Choosing soft neutral shades of eyeshadow keeps that sexy, sophisticated vibe without being overly intense.

For my client pictured above I chose champagne gold eyeshadow from Tom Ford’s Golden Mink Eyeshadow palette and neutral brown shades to define the socket line. 

We chose a warm berry purple lipstick to compliment the golden St Tropez spray tan I’d given her earlier this week.

How to Apply Dark Lipstick

Step 1: Apply a thin layer of lipstick to the lips first and really work it in well like a stain.

Step 2: Blot with tissue. 

Step 3: Apply Lip liner - applying it second will ensure a hard line isn’t left around the lips as the lipstick wears off.

Step 4: Apply a final coat of lipstick.

Apply a blusher to your cheeks with the same tone as your lipstick. Opt for pinks and berry’s to really pull the look together. Apply soft highlighter to the high points if your face to give your skin a gentle, healthy glow softening the overall intensity of a dark lipstick.

Emily-Rose :)


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