Prepping The Backstreet Boys & New Kids On The Block for their NKOTBSB Concert - Male Grooming Tips

Every now and then a job comes along that really exceeds all of my expectations. Working with the Backstreet Boys and the New Kids On The Block for their NKOTBSB concert at the o2 Arena in London was one of those.

Not only did I grow up listening to their music, they are just completely genuinely nice people. From the moment I arrived backstage at the o2 Arena I was made to feel welcome. I was busy prepping my kit prior to starting makeup, when Peter Andre popped his head around the door and came gave me a hug - in true Peter Andre style. Peter, being good friends with the NKOTBSB boys, was there to support them all. I was invited to hang out with them for the next hour before we began hair & makeup for the concert.

Male grooming for concerts needs to be very long lasting because they are constantly dancing, moving and sweating. Makeup needs to be sweat-proof and on-hand at a split second because the turn around of costumes between songs is much like being behind the scenes on a runway show. Towels to mop up sweat are essential (oh the glamour), avoid using tissue because the last thing you want to do is send a performer out on stage with tissue dotted all over their faces - its gets caught in stubble!

The main focus of makeup for male grooming for NKOTBSB was foundation to create even, clear skin - I like light weight foundations for men that look sheer like real skin, I then used concealer to cover blemishes. I also used bronzer on the under-side of the cheek-bone to give definition but also add some warmth into the skin where foundation has evened out the skin tone. I combed brows to keep them tidy, and ensured nails were clean and hands were moisturised. Hair was styled individually to how each of them usually like to wear it, using a mixture of products from pastes to texturing powders.

I worked alongside another beautiful makeup artist, one of us doing hair whilst the other was doing makeup and vice-versa. The coolest part was that we got to stand beside the stage whilst the boys were doing their thing and watch the concert. Let me tell you, they know how to stir up a crowd! Amazing performers!

Everything about the opportunity of working on the NKOTBSB concert was an incredible experience. Working backstage, working with the boys, working in a fast paced exciting environment, meeting another amazing makeup artist and watching the concert.

What is your favourite career moment? Leave me a comment i'd love to hear your stories!

Emily-Rose :)

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