P&O TV Commercial with Nickelodeon - Commercial Hair & Makeup Tips

I absolutely loved working on this shoot. The young actress was presenting for a TV Commercial for the P&O Crew for a Day Competition with Nickelodeon. She had the most adorable personality, so outgoing and bubbly. I was given the opportunity to transform her beautiful braided hair into sleek, smooth locks. This was so much fun!

We filmed on a cruise liner in Sydney. Having never been on a cruise liner myself this was an awesome experience in which I was amazed at just how big they are! The big cruise liners literally are like floating towns.

The makeup look was to be a natural commercial makeup look, so I enhanced her already healthy, youthful skin and rosy pink lips just a little more to give that extra sparkle on camera. I wanted the look to have the essence of no makeup makeup, but with a slightly more glossy feel.

To take her hair from mini braids to smooth and sleek I first ran a Moroccan Oil heat protector through it, I then sectioned the hair into three parts, and worked my way through one section at a time. To ensure that I gave the hair maximum protection from the heat I wanted to avoid going over the same piece of hair too many times, therefore patience is key. I focused on sliding my GHD platinum hair straighteners through the hair slowly - this also prevents curly hair from becoming frizzy.

I kept skin extremely natural using a sheer foundation, I brightened the under-eye area ever so slightly but used Laura Mercier Secret Camouflage mixed with a little bit of under-eye cream to make it more lightweight and natural.

Eye makeup was super natural. I gave them a little definition with a nude shadow, and applied black mascara to her lashes to make her naturally vibrant blue eye colour pop.

I applied a little blush, and a natural tinted lip balm to her lips.

The t-zone was dusted with a little translucent powder.

Top tip - To prevent makeup caking throughout the day on set when using powder to minimise shine, spritz a little water mist over the face to help the powder to settle.

Emily-Rose :)

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