Perfecting Makeup for TV & Video Production

There is a common misconception that makeup for TV & Video needs to be much heavier than real life. My approach to makeup has always been less is more. When my first makeup book 'How To Look Pretty Not Plastered' was published, I chose its quirky title for a reason - I wanted girls to know they can create the the brightest boldest looks without having to pile on tons of makeup.

As a makeup artist I've always looked up to Lisa Eldridge, whos approach to makeup is elegant, sexy, bold and yet subtle all at the same time.

With today’s high definition cameras everything is magnified! The little blemishes that we may not notice when talking face-to-face in the real world become much more apparent, as does excess product on the surface of the skin.

With this in mind makeup for TV & Video Prpoduction needs a greater level of attention to detail and accuracy. Skin should appear flawless yet the foundation invisible. Particularly for male grooming. I always say; "Foundation is skin toned for a reason - it isn’t meant to be seen!"

The confusion occurs because bright lights can make skin appear drained, therefore you may want to intensify colours slightly, my best advice is start light, have a look under the lights on the monitor, and intensify where need be. Not only is image output pin sharp, the images are then broadcast to screens often far bigger than real life. So absolutely any makeup application flaw would be magnified.

In the same token it is essential that hair is neat and tidy and that those little flyaways are tamed, because they can be incredibly distracting to the viewer, and an unpolished look can detract from the quality of a brand.

Equally important is the over-all finish: tidy nails, hydrated skin, crease free clothing. It is a makeup artist’s job to ensure the whole look is seamless.

Key Tips:

1. Glitter particles are a video camera’s worst enemy - if a glittery eyeshadow or lip needs to be used, ensure that it is applied with a wet medium that will allow the sparkles to stay in one place and not fall down onto the skin. Where possible, opt for glitter free pigments, there are plenty of options with a youthful sheen.

2. Even the least oily skin can look shiny under bright lighting, it is essential to carry a good quality, translucent powder to keep the skin shine free throughout the shoot. The reason that translucent is important is because it doesn’t tint the colour of the foundation.

3. Check the monitor to ensure that the actors skin doesn’t appear washed out under bright light, you may need to intensify colours slightly.

In essence, makeup for video production should appear light, fresh and youthful. If dramatic eyes are requested, ensure that undereyes are still bright and any shadows are counteracted. Keep the application light, but seamless.

Emily-Rose :)

Photography Credit: Will Sterling

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