Colin Fassnidge for a Bioglan & Nature's Way Ad Campaign - Male Grooming Tips

I had the pleasure of working with the lovely Colin Fassnidge (chef and known personality / judge on MKR) for a shoot with Bioglan and Natures Way. Colin was filmed taking us through the step-by-step process of various delicious recipes, incorporating superfoods for an extra healthy and nutritous twist. We even got to eat the food he cooked.... my mouth is watering just thinking about how good it was...!

Some male grooming tips...

Whether the talent is male or female, the most important aspect of creating a look for any form of advertising is to take into account the identity of the brand they are representing, and whether the brand want the true character of the presenter to be portrayed, or whether they have a particular character in mind.

Bioglan and Natures Way are both natural brands, and as Colin was representing them it was important to pull his personality across. The look we wanted was very natural, but very clean and fresh. I wanted to keep Colin's hair as he normally would wear it, but defined and with a bit of bounce.

In order to really portray the presenter's personality - ask basic questions - 'How do you usually like to wear your hair?', 'What sort of products do you like to wear in it?' By asking these questions I was able to establish that Colin likes minimal, non-sticky products in his hair, not too sculpted - falling in it's natural way. So I opted for a very light weight matt paste by Taft(matt is important to minimise too much reflection off the hair - unless its a shampoo ad :) )

I literally massaged this through the hair using small circular motions to distribute it evenly, and then scrunched the curls lightly to define them. I used a small spray of hair spray to give it more hold.

In terms of skin - very natural, barely there makeup. Enough to give a healthy glow to the skin whilst remining somewhat invisible. I used my favourite foundation for male grooming; MAC Face and Body foundation, which is a very light texture with builable coverage.

I pin point concealed any small blemishes with Laura Mercier Secret Camouflage and powdered using MAC Prep & Prime translucent powder. I dusted a little bronzer over cheekbones and areas of the face that the sun ould naturally hit. This prevents the foundation making skin look flat after evening out the skin tone.

To finish I always comb brows with a brow comb to keep them neat and tidy - tip - if mens brows are unruly, spray the brow comb with hair spray first.

Emily-Rose :)

Header photo credit: Chris Whiting - Fish Media

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