24/7 Glow With Bondi Sands Everyday Liquidgold Gradual Tanning Dry-Oil

It is no secret that Bondi Sands is one of my favourite tanning brand on the entire planet ~ and I have tried many! Not only do I love it for personal use, but on set as a makeup artist I use their tanning products to hide white marks and give skin a boost if it needs more of a sun-kissed glow.

Bondi Sands make their Liquid Gold Dry-Oils incredibly easy to use because they don't need to be washed off. They make skin look instantly hydrated and beautiful and give the most realistic bronze goddess tan I have ever come across. I apply a little coconut oil to dry areas, apply the tan to the skin using the tanning mitt and then use a soft towel to blend the colour out on wrists and feet.
Works wonders if you need a non-wash off product, and develops gradually day by day building a very natural looking tan, meaning that this is the ultimate tan to take you through every season for that ultimate 24/7 glow.

Use it as a pick-me-up for dull winter days if your skin begins to feel dry and lack-lustre. It is perfect for building a gradual summer tan rather than baking in the sun for hours and risking your precious skin. Use it as a booster in spring and autumn to guide you from season to season looking healthy and radiant all year round.

If you want a tan with more depth but that can still be built up over days try their Liquid Gold Dry Oil which boasts the same qualities as the Everyday gradual tanning oil but develops over 2-3 hours rather than days; Simply apply, dress and go, no fuss, no need to wash off :)

The Bondi Sands products are available in many stores all across Australia or online here.


Feature Photo: Ez Flynn

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